Dogs are very sociable animals. They love to express their emotions through their gestures. If you own a dog you might know that very well. But sometimes some habits of our this loyal companion goes beyond our understandings. For instance, their habit of kicking on the ground after pooping! They do it ordinarily but do you know it is triggered by the extraordinary reason that you perhaps would have never imagined. Go through these slides to find out that not so known reason.

The Routine

A Daily RitualTo pet a dog is nothing less than raising a kid. You have to be very attentive to their every minuscule need. You have to make sure that they have a healthy lifestyle, so a healthy routine. If you have ever noticed your dog taking a dump you might have seen that it usually walks a little and sniffs before crouching. After that, it misplaces the grass and dirt using its back paw. Ever wondered why it does this? You think you know why? Trust me you don’t.

Hiding Something

Is He Covering It Up?
What could it be? Perhaps they are trying to hide it from the world so that no one could ever find out about their business just like a cat. So in order to know why dogs do this, it becomes important for us to figure out why cat actually does that. The cats hide their poop to prevent potential predators from reaching them. It is innate as they receive this self-protecting trait from their forefathers. But dogs have different reasons we are still far off from.

Putting Under The Soil

Are They Cleaning?Another explanation could be that dogs are too obsessed with cleanliness. Perhaps, this is their way of cleaning their paws off the dirt. It may interest you to know that their paws are too insulated to let dirt or even water stay on it. This special feature also prevents them from the freezing temperatures. But no, we know that they are not neatness lovers and so sadly this reason has nothing to do with this quirky practice.

Every Dog Does That

Are They Just Being Odd Balls?Regardless of the breed and even gender, every dog does this. They may be poles apart in nature but they all have this one thing in common, they all kick in the ground after having their business is done. The question is why? No one had any clue about the reason behind their this weird habit prior to this revelation. But now we know why dogs from Pit Bull to Pugs do this and it makes all the sense now.

Family Member With A Difference

The Fascinating ComplexitiesHow many people are there in your family? If you have a dog in your house I am sure you would have counted him also. They are simply too cute to ignore and sometimes enigmatic also. We consider them a part of our family but hardly remembers that they are way different from us. They have their own unique behaviors and instincts. Though they have been domesticated for a long time but not long enough to do away with their wild instinct. Have you ever been bitten by any dog? If yes, then you know it better, right?

Ancestors are responsible

Their Ancestral RootsSome of the dogs have wolves as their ancestor and still have retained some of their wild instincts. Those traits include showing dominance, behaving like an alpha, and forming a packThese traits of them are the product of hierarchy mentality they have been living with all these years and most importantly it has a lot to do with their peculiar habit of kicking at the ground.