Not The First Time

This was not the first time that this was happening. An incident took place almost a year ago which was very same as the incident that had happened now. Were these incidents interlinked to each other or was this case something entirely different?

Everything’s Fine

The way in which the incidents unfolded some months before this incident was unexpected and unlikely to happen. Nothing seemed out of ordinary in the neighborhood where these people lived but they had no idea that they were going to face something unexpected.

One Morning

It was one fine perfect morning when nothing seemed out of blue to the residents of this building. This is when a guy walked out to the parking lot and discovered something that left him and everybody in the neighborhood surprised.


When that person reached the parking lot he was left shell-shocked on the scene. He could not understand what had happened to him. The sight was enough to cause terror in his mind. When he saw what had happened to his car he was stopped in his tracks.

Slashed Tire!

He saw the right front tire which had been slashed. He thought that someone might have done it to a single tire, but when he glanced towards the adjacent tire he was left shocked. He saw that the adjacent tires had also been slashed.

All Of Them

Not only two but every tire of his car were slashed. On seeing this, he was furious but he did not know what to do. Everyone from the building was already a victim of the vandal. They thought that it might be a one-time thing but they couldn’t have been more wrong.