Being a cop isn’t as easy as it is shown in most of the movies. Neither is it as funny as Channing Tatum starring 21 Jump Street nor is it as adventurous as Will Smith starring Bad Boys. But real life cops certainly deal with tricky, and dangerous situations in every other case. Their work comes with extreme responsibility because people expect a lot from them. Even if one police officer lacks at his part at any point and it gets leaked in the virtual world, the whole police department is blamed.

Two officers were expecting a risky situation ahead. They were all set to run into action if required. However, what they were about to unravel will make their hearts ache.

Milwaukee Police Department

This case came to the Milwaukee Police Department when the neighbors of an abandoned house were scared to go inside it. They called the police department and the call was transferred to the specialist officer, Dan Resnick. Yes, most of their days are supposed to end unexpectedly but this case put him in a confusing situation. Will he be able to do the right thing or not was the question…