History is full of dark and unknown secrets. Some secrets when later unveiled, changed the course of that history. The government has been successful in keeping the existence of a lot of places and projects under wraps, even today. No one knows for sure what goes on in Area 51. Some decades ago, some shady activities started happening in one of the places in the U.S. When the secret came out, not only the world but the residents of the place were left aghast too.

Unexplained Eviction

The year was 1942, and a lot of residents in the eastern part of Tennessee’s Anderson and Roane counties found an eviction notice on their front doors. The people who had been residents of the county for many years were simply told to leave immediately and were offered a very petty compensation in exchange of their ordeal. But why did this happen?

U.S. Government Orders

It won’t come as a surprise to you that it was the U.S government who ordered the residents of the quite, peaceful county to evict. The residents had no clue why they were being forced to leave their settlement of many years and back then they did not even know that it was the government who issued the evacuation. The government was planning something very mysterious and the county was supposed to be the location of the secret projects- and these went on to become one of the most secretive ones in the history of the country. 

Site X

Within less than a month, almost 3,000 people had to evacuate 60,000-acre stretch of land and from then on the place was called ‘Site X.’ The place was located approximately 20 miles from Knoxville. Now the evacuated territory was very strategically hidden deep in the  17-mile-long Appalachian valley.


Groups of military personnel and many trucks started frequenting the county and the residents of the neighboring towns became alert. They were quite uneasy about the fresh disturbance in their quiet neighborhood and apprehensive about the unknown changes taking place in their surroundings. They could not have had an idea that it was just the beginning of something huge and bizarre.

Overnight Mystery

The once quiet county was now bustling with activities. Construction was going on at an unbelievable pace and no one from the neighborhood had any idea what the purpose of all this was. In less than a year, 1943, an entirely new town, seemingly mysteriously appeared in place of the houses of the previous residents. It seemed that it all appeared overnight as if conjured out of thin air. 

Oak Ridge

The new town that popped up overnight was called Oak Ridge and the original plan was to accommodate about 13,000 people there. Those who were constructing the town didn’t talk among themselves let alone with others. The matter was very secretive and to make things stranger Oak Ridge was kept off the maps. As far as the general public is concerned the place did not exist at all.