Not A Ghost Town

Oak Ridge in Tennessee was not to be found on the map, but that did not mean that it was a ghost town. Just like the builders and military poured inexplicably into the town a year ago, people in thousands with no apparent relation to each other started to come to the town in 1943; these were in all probably were the new residents of the place. Things were getting shadier and more curious.

Appearances Are Deceptive

Oak Ridge could easily pass for any other American town. There were movie theaters, sports facilities, supermarkets, beauty shops, restaurants, a hospital, a bank,  a library, a pool, and churches. For public transport taxis and buses were there but strangely, there were no sidewalks. But this was no ordinary community and some people knew it.

Prohibited Area

After the town was ready the U.S government fenced the entire place and there were armed guards patrolling the entry and exit points all the time. The location of Oak Ridge was also ideal in limiting it’s access to people outside. The Clinch River and the Cumber Mountains served as borders by nature. But what was the purpose of creating the existence of an entire town a secret?

No Trespassers Allowed

Only personnel who had the authority to be at the place were allowed on the grounds on Oak Ridge and a lot of measures were taken to let the common people know that the place was NOT for them. There were signs such as “Prohibited Zones” and “Restricted Areas” at small distances so that people knew that they were not welcome.

Looming Infrastructure

Almost everyday large shipments of who knows what came to the city but there was hardly anything that went out of it. Workers were working hard to build something but even they were not aware of what they were a part of. The existence of Oak Ridge had a reason deeper and shadier than any common man could have imagined. 

More Houses

The farmlands were cleared to make a place for large-scale industrial complexes and at one place was a huge building in U shape as can be seen in the picture. But this was not supposed to be some industrial place. A number of housing units came up magically as the entire place. But who was gonna live here? Who were the people who came out of nowhere?