A successful marriage is not the result of pure love solely but also trust, understanding, and undivided loyalty to each other. Marriage is not the end. In fact, it is the beginning of a beautiful journey with your favorite person in the world. This adorable old couple is one of those luckiest people who lived a blissful married life. They did not only love each other but had full faith in each other. It is not that they did not have any secret between them. They did!

And when that secret came out everything changed. Wife had kept a secret from her husband from the time they got married. She had a shoebox. What weird is that she had prohibited her hubby to look inside it. 60 years went by and the box still remained as a secret between them. Even after 60 years, the woman could not trust her husband with the box. But one day she let him open it. Well, who knew opening a box would cause such a big change in their married life.

Together Forever

The couple was an adorable one. Man and the wife had fulfilled their each and every vows. In this time when marriages are getting short-termed, this one really gives hopes. This old couple stood by each other through the thick and thin of life. But sometimes families who appear very simple turn out to be the most complicated ones. This adorable old couple had their own secrets.