Shoe Box

She placed the shoebox in her closet’s top shelf. She hid it behind other objects. The husband always wondered what could be inside that box but never dared to open it. Years wore on and the box continued to remain a mystery between them. 

Nothing Different

It was a regular shoebox. The box was rectangular in shape and had nothing odd about it. The husband did not get to look at the box for a long time so he could not sense anything off about it. Maybe there was nothing wrong with the box but the content hidden inside it.

The Closet

The man did not see the box again after she kept it inside the closet. In a matter of years, he forgot about the box. Despite the secret, husband’s trust and love only increased for his wife. They looked perfect together. Little did the man know, the secret had a lot to do with their married life.

Not A Word

The couple grew old together. Now, this is the real couple goal. They overcame all the problems together and enjoyed the best days of their life by standing next to each other. However, the woman did not tell him anything about the box. What was that she was hiding? Did she fear that their marriage would fall apart once he would find out what was in it? 

No One Knew

Surprisingly, the wife had not discussed that shoebox with her children nor did her siblings or mother know anything about it. The husband initially tried to gain information about it from her close relatives but failed. Nobody knew anything about that suspicious “shoebox.”

What Is It?

What do you think could be hiding inside the box? A voodoo doll? Or maybe some pictures that she did not want him to see? Perhaps the box had her personal diary. Whatever was in the box one thing was sure that she did not want her hubby to know about it.