While she was waiting for her order to come, her sight got caught by that very homeless man, sleeping in a booth at a local McDonald’s. As she was a woman who used to get irritated easily, got offended and found this to be no less than of sin so she walked up to the fast-food joint’s staff to tell them. To her surprise, she got no expected reaction which made her more furious.

Not Satisfied

Image: YouTube/WSB-TV

Everything was going well until and unless the man became a serious nuisance to Cofield. She felt more humiliated when no strict actions were being taken on the man. She tried to handle the case on her own. Since the staff was not listening to her inconvenience, she opted to use social media to show her displeasure, unaware of the future consequences.

Uploading The Post

Image: Giftpundits.com

Luann Cofield, a socially active lady, took a picture of the man dozing in the booth and uploaded it to social media. She showed her ignominy but posting the picture but little did she know the post could change one’s life by all means. Just to show her own opinion, she posted a picture that spread like a forest fire blasting many social media sites.

Reader’s Reaction

Image: ghcassel

Cofield’s picture of the man taking a siesta in the McDonald’s booth started making a buzz around locals. The reactions given by the people were quite repugnant to Cofield. She was not the only one to react in the situation, but, were many others who equally were filled with indignation while going through the post.

Poverty Statistics

Image: Facebook/Shelia Brabham Brumlow

Per the latest census, more than half of Fayetteville’s population is aged under 45, with an average age of around 40.  An average household income of around $62,000 and $81,600 per family analyzed by the latest community survey. It has also been revealed that nearly nine percent of the city’s population was living in adverse poverty.


Image: Neal Wellons

In the 1860s, Fayetteville outlived the devastations of civil war and perpetuated to grow throughout the 1900s. The city is adhering to its motto in honor of both its past and continued growth: “A History With A Future.”Presently, its population stands at around 17,000, with roughly 55 percent white and a third identifying as African-American.