She has been missing her daughter for a while. Her daughter’s birthday was just a week away and she wanted to gift her something really special. She started remembering the old days when she and her daughter used to share everything with each other. They had a very special bond which wasn’t there since she had left for the college. There wasn’t a single day when she hasn’t thought about her daughter. She thought of giving her a surprise but, who would have thought that it would be the mother who would be at the receiving end. The mother was really surprised by the turn of events. What was the surprise? You’ll find out soon…

Calling Her Daughter

Now, when she had a perfect surprise planned for her daughter’s birthday she wanted to be sure that she doesn’t have any other plans because she was in college and going out with friends was perfectly normal on one’s birthday. She picked up the phone and dialed the number and it was the first of many surprises on the way.

Not The Best Plan

Not The Best Plan

The phone kept ringing, she was getting impatient now. Where could her daughter be? Her mind wasn’t responding to her as there was only one question which kept her busy, where in the world was her daughter? This was very unlikely of her daughter as she always picks her phone wherever she was. But then the mother thought of something that would change everything for her. What did she do?

Something Different

Deanna Pilling was a good mother. She has always been there for her daughter whenever she needed her in good or bad. Their bond was very special for each other but that day Deanna was very anxious as her loving daughter wasn’t picking her call. She tried so many times but there was no response from her daughter’s side. Then she thought how her daughter has grown up and she should be ready for a situation like these. There are times when we young people don’t want to get bothered. But parents are parents. She did what she thought was right.

Would Be Fun!

Deanna had already made up her mind about surprising her daughter. Her daughter’s birthday was near and for the past several days she was missing her really badly. This visit could be that special moment for both of them. But the problem was that Deanna didn’t know if her daughter was free on her birthday. What if she visits her daughter and she wasn’t there to celebrate her birthday. Little did she knew that her surprise visit would change everything for her.

Summer Break At Home

Deanna Pilling wouldn’t have thought that things won’t work the way she wanted them to. All she wanted was to do something amazing for her daughter. 18-year-old McKenna was studying at the Utah State University. Her semester was about to end and Deanna was excited that now she would be home. But then she thought about doing things differently.

Packing Stuff

McKenna’s semester was about to end and she would home in a few weeks. But before she could come home she had to pack her stuff at the dorm she was staying. She told everything to Deanna. And her mother had something on her mind. Deanna was planning a surprise visit but it was her mother who got surprised when she reached the university.