There is one special day that everybody waits for all through the year, their birthday. It is your day and you are the center of attraction on this day. You get a number of presents for your special day, and they are all adored by you. But what if you get a gift that is not materialistic but a human, and someone that you could have never even thought of seeing in person, let alone meeting?

Estellita Murg has a story of her birthday, wherein she gets a gift she had not even expected for in the wildest of her dreams. A person walks in as her birthday present, and that is the most unpredictable gift she could have ever even considered.


There are always two types of people. First, the majority kind who are excited for their special day and celebrate it to the fullest. The second type is the ones who do not bother themselves with a birthday and for them, it is just like any other normal day. This group of people run away from celebrations and try to avoid them as much as possible.

Estellita Murg

Murg, also known as Leah to those around her, got an exquisite out-of-the-blue person as a present on her 42nd birthday. Murg lives in West Virginia and is a mother of two children, a daughter, and a son. And before we get into the details of the evening of Estelitta’s birthday, we need to know she was not a birthday person. So how would she react to her present?


Estellita has been travelling all through her life and has never really settled in one place. In 1982, she moved to Austin, Texas and just eight years after that she moved to Fort Lauderdale. And that has not been it either. In 2002, Murg relocated to Bay City in Michigan and is presently residing in West Virginia.

Tough Life

The reason why Murg relocated and traveled so frequently and extensively is unknown, but she has had a rough and difficult life since a very young age. Maybe that was the reason why she kept on running from her fears and stress.


Estellita became a mother at a very early age. She was young when she became a mother to her first child. And what made things difficult was that her husband left her alone at that stage. She was clueless about what to do.


Being a single mother at such an early age was demanding. And to make things worse, she had filed for a divorce the signing of which her husband had made it taxing for her, and she was unable to bear it.