Family is the only thing a person is attached to. No one would ever leave a chance of getting reunited with the family. The timezone between the news getting back to the family and the moment of actually meeting them is by all means inciting. You tend to work wholeheartedly on receiving such news. What if, due to one person, there is a lag in your journey? You would try every possible way to let go of that person who is acting as a hurdle.

Such an incident happened with a lady named Kristen Wiley, who was so desperate to meet her family but got stuck because of a woman. She challenged her patience level to an extent but lastly did something that changed the life of the woman.

To The Sky

Finally, the day arrived, when Kristen Wiley, in exhilaration to reunite with her family, headed to the airport with the tears of joy rolling out of her eyes. She was before the time that day and made every possible obstacle pass by. She was optimistic, energetic and tried to embrace all sorts of happiness coming through her way. Unaware of the obstruction she was yet to face, speedily headed towards her call, that is, the flight.

Too Many Faces

Once she reached her flight, she got to see many new faces indicating different origins, cultures, and expressions. She along with her boarding pass started finding her appointed seat. Looking at those faces she thought about the diversity this world holds and pondered upon unique personalities that people hold along with the mindsets.

Window Seat!

Kristen felt joyous when she discovered that she would fly with clouds and birds. From the very beginning, she was fascinated by window seats as she enjoyed the views which assist her to color her abstract thoughts. She used to spend most of the time imagining things, which indeed had nothing to do with reality. This is a reason why people called her an overthinker.

Not Taking Off

She counted one to a hundred and even back but she could not feel any tickling sensation inside her stomach. She could easily make out that the plane did not take off. She checked the time and added 45 minutes more to her estimated arrival time. She could do nothing but add on the time, which made her uneasy and she was on the verge of losing her control.

The Search

As anxiety took over her patience, Kristen, without wasting a single minute stood up and had a full view of the scenario detecting the cause of the delay. She could not find any and was forced to be seated. Kristen deep down cursed the management for being so casual and adding to that, she started babbling about the time that had been wasted sitting there.


For she could do nothing, she started missing her kids. She was a mother to three sons and a loving wife as well. Her roles and responsibilities as a mother gave her entirely a different personality. She was very shy back then and could not take her stand anywhere. After being a mother, she changed drastically as she could then speak for her children. She sensed the difference and was proud of her progress.