Until you dive into the depths of the ocean, you won’t know what all you can find lying at the bed of the sea. A team of explorers sailed to find out if the story was even true or it was all just a myth. Though they weren’t hoping to find anything in the first place, little did they know there was a surprise waiting for them that would change their lives forever. The discovery they made in the waters could be deemed as one of the most amazing discoveries of the present times. Let’s see what did they find there.

The Journey

In August 2017, a team of Canadian researchers sets sails for Lake Ontario. They heard a story where they were told that deep inside the lake there lies a piece from the past. The piece was so special that when it came out in open there was nothing else to talk about. Though it wasn’t easy to discover it, still, the excitement of finding the most amazing thing in the world made the team forget about all the struggle they went through just to bring it put in the open.

Image: Facebook/Raise the Arrow