Until you dive into the depths of the ocean, you won’t know what all you can find lying at the bed of the sea. A team of explorers sailed to find out if the story was even true or it was all just a myth. Though they weren’t hoping to find anything in the first place, little did they know there was a surprise waiting for them that would change their lives forever. The discovery they made in the waters could be deemed as one of the most amazing discoveries of the present times. Let’s see what did they find there.

The Journey

In August 2017, a team of Canadian researchers sets sails for Lake Ontario. They heard a story where they were told that deep inside the lake there lies a piece from the past. The piece was so special that when it came out in open there was nothing else to talk about. Though it wasn’t easy to discover it, still, the excitement of finding the most amazing thing in the world made the team forget about all the struggle they went through just to bring it put in the open.

Image: Facebook/Raise the Arrow


The Force Behind

The company which was working on this sea exploration was OEX Recovery Group Incorporated. The company is associated with the Canadian financial and mining outfits which work to recover the lost objects in the waters of Lake Ontario. The company heard about the possible location which could be hiding something valuable, they didn’t waste a time and the team was decided which would explore the lake to find that item.

A Life-Changing Project

The project, known as Raise the Arrow was created for the sole purpose which was to search for the items that are believed to have been hiding under the bed of the lake. Just imagine how important of a discovery would it have been for the company to fund a project just to find the lost item which was lying on the bed of the sea.

Start Of The Mission

The mission was to explore some known spots in Lake Ontario where there might be a possibility of finding the item they got a lead for. But the problem was that the project was being pushed with a lot of money from behind. There was a question of not finding anything there for which the company was funding the project. They played a gamble and they won the jackpot when the discovery was made.

Reaching The Location

The team reached the location. If you will look at the Lake Ontario you might see crystal clear water with a silent nature. However, diving into the depths of this lake you would get to see many secrets it has been hiding for ages. And one of the secrets was recently discovered that shocked the whole world when it was finally revealed.

Preparing The Team

The team which would soon enter the depths was really excited. They all knew about the lake and buried secrets. But little did they know that their lives would turn upside down but in the most unbelievable way. The team was told beforehand that they should take some measures while they explore the sea. But the problem was they had no idea what they were looking for. Yes, you read that right. They didn’t know what they were dealing with.

What Do You Mean?

The first time the team was told that they would be searching the depths of Lake Ontario they thought that they might get to know what they would be searching for, but there was nothing except the fact that in the year 1950 some local people saw something at the lake which just vanished into thin air in a blink of an eye. What did the local people see?

The Local Sighting

Few of the local people living near Lake Ontario spotted something strange on the lake. Though it was not clearly visible to them as what it was, still it was something they couldn’t get out of their head for a very long. The blurred image remained inside their head for a very long time until they told the tale again to the team which was assigned to see if the rumors were even true.

Meeting The Locals

Few of the team members met the locals of the town. Mainly those who saw something that day. But what was it that they saw? Firstly, it was the strangest thing they had ever seen in their life. That thing’s size was huge. Everything seemed alien to the local people and for that reason, they didn’t know how to explain it to the team. They could only tell where they saw it.

The Known Location

Image: benkrut/Getty Images

The team was then taken to the same location where the local people saw that mysterious thing. Pointing out the location which was in the middle of the lake, the team was ready with their gears and instruments that would be useful in their investigation. They were finding something unknown to the world.

Using The Advanced Gears

The team used the submarine to explore Lake Ontario. The location the local people told them was a wildlife conservation point located near the lake known as the Point Petre. The Point Petre is a part of Prince Edward County in Canada’s Ontario Province. Point Petre has a lot of attractions, such as pebble beaches and amazingly beautiful limestone formations that attract lots of tourists from everywhere.

The Mini Submarine

Image: Facebook/Raise the ArrowThe mini-submarine AKA the ThunderFish is an automatic underwater vehicle which is operated remotely like drones. This submarine is installed with a sonar device that captures high-resolution images. Using this tech the team was able to locate the thing they were looking for.  They were able to study it with great details. The discovery they were able to make lay at the bed of the lake for the past 60 years.

An Unbelievable Story

Image: Ad MeskensAs we have told you that the lake has been hiding several mysterious deep inside its heart and over the decades there have been some really weird sightings and people have spotted several intriguing objects. You might have heard about the Loch Ness lake which is famous for its alleged monster. The monster even has a name which is given by the locals. It is called Nessie. Though many people confirmed that they have seen the monster, still the question of its existence is open to debate. Scientists called it a hoax, but there are a few who beg to differ.

Rumors About Lake Ontario

Image: Facebook/Raise the ArrowBack in 2013, there were rumors about a base that was located under Lake Ontario. It was the same spot where the researchers would start their exploration. There were rumors about a base which was being run by aliens. Though the team wasn’t there to check the alien base which they know couldn’t be a reality as the world hasn’t reached at that stage yet. But what they found there was far better than the aliens.  You might think about what could be better than aliens? This discovery!