The Trials

At the camp, she showcased her kicking skills to an audience of a group of coaches and former NFL kickers. None of them were too keen on watching a girl kick. How far could she possibly kick anyway? What they never expected to witness was the abundance of raw potential that was packed in Becca’s kick. This caught the attention of many coaches, who immediately signed up to coach her. 

Deciding On Her Coach

Amazed by the response, her father did his research before making an informed decision. He chose to go with Alex Zendejas of AZ Kicking. Zendejas was the region’s top-ranking kicking coach who had a hand in helping many athletes landing scholarships at various Division I and II schools. His assistant coach was his own son, Alex Jr., who himself was his high school’s placekicker and former player for the University of Arizona.

Could She Do It?

But before he could start coaching her, he had to test her natural abilities. She appeared to be a strong, athletic girl standing at 5’11” tall, but was she going to stick with the sport? She told him, “I’m strong-willed; trust me… this is something I’m going to stick with.” After the initial conversation, he made her warm-up and go through the kicking motions. He was impressed overall. 

Passed With Flying Colors

Now it was time to practice with the real thing. He put a football in front of her and asked her to kick it from the 30-yard marker. She kicked it flawlessly. Interested, he progressively increased the distance, and she passed it with flying colors each time, with an 80% accuracy rate. Zendejas was more than happy to coach her after this.

Rigorous Coaching

An 80% accuracy rate was not enough for the coach, who was known for his successful methods of stressing the accuracy over distance. Four of his own family members were kickers in the NFL and he has had experience coaching seven All-State kickers in the state of Arizona! Bob Longo knew that his daughter was in good hands, but what he didn’t realize was that they would go on to make history…

Playing For Her School Team

Confident in her skills, she sought out her school’s athletic director, Paul Reynolds the very next day and announced her intentions to join the football team as their kicker. She made the team in her first season and had a successful run as the kicker before deciding to switch schools.