An elderly couple from Ipswich, Queensland made headlines for a peculiar reason. The couple in their 70s had never thought that the house they were living in since 1990s was going to deprive them of their sleep. It all happened one morning when a neighbor told them that there is a sinkhole in their backyard. It was wide and deep filled with water. However, the most astonishing point was not that but what came after that.

Beautiful City

The incident took place in Queensland of Australia. This beautiful city became a center of fear when this unbelievable news rose to the scene. The couple was lost in their sleep while the entire town was crowded in front of their house.


It is a northeastern state of Australia that covers the continent’s most tropical and wettest part. The coral sea bounds it from the north and east. And it is New South Wales that bounds it from the south. Ipswich falls in the South East Queensland of Australia. The region is sprawled over 1090 square km and boasts a population of 210,000.

Ray And Lynnette McKay

Ray and Lynnette McKay are retired couple who were spending their life after retirement in a house in Ipswich, Queensland. It is a beautiful suburb with a peaceful atmosphere. It was indeed a perfect place for them to spend the rest of their lives.  

Close To Heart

The couple loved nature and that is the very reason they decided to spend the rest of their lives in Ipswich. However, little did they know that nature is not always kind to their lovers. The McKays had settled in the town since 1991.

Surprising Truth

Ray Mckay and Lynn were soon going to find out a surprising truth about their house. The couple was living alone in the house as their children were not in the town. However, they would visit them every now and then.

Friendly Neighbors

The McKays were very friendly by nature. They had good relations with all their neighbors. Lynn loved talking to people and that is why she was her neighbors’ favorite. However, soon the couple was going to be famous for a different reason altogether.