Boris Kipriyanovich is a Russian boy who took the world by surprise when he claimed that he is a MARTIAN. The boy who started speaking within a few weeks of his birth, began drawing and writing when he was only two months old but he was yet to make the biggest revelation. He shared the story of his previous life with his family and friends on a trip. He did not share his story without any reason. He had a purpose to fulfill. The boy was sent on earth with a MISSION and when he discussed his motive, everyone was taken aback.

An Extraordinary Boy

Boris Kipriyanovich was not like any other kid. The signs were visible from his childhood only. He started holding his head up when he was only a couple of weeks old, unlike other kids who cannot support their head until they become two-to-four months old.  

The Signs

His parents knew that their son was different. The infants are too weak to hold their heads up on their own. But here Boris had proven every theory wrong. This boy was going to make some more astonishing revelation. Boris was a very special kid. 

An Early Bloomer

The boy took birth in 1996 in Russia. He started speaking just a few weeks after he was born. Kids take at least six months to start speaking. He kept on surprising everyone with his rapid growth. By the time he turned 18 months old, the boy had learned to draw and read.   

Got Enrolled

This Kid Thinks He's a Martian, And Has a Terrifying Warning for All of HumankindDue to his unique skills, Boris got enrolled in kindergarten when he was only two years old. He even amazed his teachers with his excellent skills and fast growth in learning. As he was able to draw and read on his own, he always stayed ahead of his fellows. 

Space Genius

One of the things that did not go well with his age was his vast knowledge about the universe and its working. Surprisingly, the kid had never been taught anything about the space and its working style. He wasn’t told anything about the space yet he knew a great deal about planets, stars, constellations and more. How’s that possible? Well, Boris had an explanation for this as well.  

Child Genius

This Kid Thinks He's a Martian, And Has a Terrifying Warning for All of HumankindExperts who themselves could not fathom how a kid can know so many things about space lauded Boris as a child genius. However, little did the world know that the child they were calling a child prodigy had more secrets to reveal. The boy once again stunned his parents when he told his parents something about himself.