What Brittany Wants

Since they had not paid much heed to each other’s needs for so long, Erik wanted to make sure this surprise surpassed everything he ever did for his loving wife. He wanted to do something that his wife would actually want instead of doing something he thought she would want. Erik was not about to put his own views or perceptions above what Brittany would have preferred.

Finally, A Plan

After heavy thinking, Erik came up with a plan that he thought would be bulletproof. He was quite confident about his decision making and was sure that Brittany would certainly find happiness when he reveals his hidden plan. After careful assessment, Erik decided it was time to put his plans into motion and decided to work on it quickly.

It’s Time!

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As he started off with his plans, he was quite excited. He could barely stop himself from grinning after initiating his plans. Since he knew it was going to make his wife happy, Erik could not wait to tell Brittany, to reveal what he had in store for her. After he took ample time to work things out, it was finally crunch time. Erik was ready to reveal his surprise to Brittany, his wife.

To The Bathroom

When the day came for the revelations, Erik was a little nervous but also extremely excited too. He began collecting a few random important stuff from their home. After doing this, he made his way to the bathroom where Brittany was. She was getting ready to go to work and had just finished taking a shower. She did not suspect anything yet…

No Expectations

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When we plan something big for a loved one, we usually find ourselves overwhelmingly excited and anxious. This was the same case for carpenter Erik. He had been planning to give his wife a surprise as a token of his appreciation. Until now, no one knows just what he had in store for her. Brittany was not expecting anything to happen that morning…

A Strange Request

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Since Erik and Brittany had not paid that much attention to each other, when he approached her that random morning, Brittany could not contain her laughter. It was very strange for him to come up to her if it was not regarding household queries. And on top of all that, to make everything even stranger, Erik had asked her to not show up for work that day too.