Random Clues

Brittany was still giggling when her husband was throwing this weird behavior on her in the bathroom. She thought he was kidding and just pulling her leg. But he went on to confuse her, even more, when he started handing her random objects from the house. They were actually cues to his big surprise and Brittany was still no doubt unaware of his plans…

A Small Brown Bag

All this behavior was confusing Brittany so much. She was just minding her business, getting ready to go to work just like her usual days. When Erik gave her a tiny brown bag, her curiosity spiked and she wondered why her husband would randomly hand her this. He had maintained his secret and his unsuspecting wife was soon to find out…

What’s In The Bag?

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Brittany stared cluelessly at the bag which Erik had handed to her. She was a little nervous to open up the bag because she did not have the faintest clue as to what lay inside. After Erik reassured her that there was nothing to be afraid or nervous about, Brittany could finally find the courage to slip her hand into the bag to see what it had…

A Pink Note

When she finally decided that she should open up the bad, what did dear Brittany find? In the brown bag that Erik handed over to Brittany was a tiny, pink note! What could this pink note be and why was her husband giving this to her on this random day?

Because Of Erik’s Writing

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So when she took out the pink note, Brittany’s day was about to be even more eventful and richer than it already was. Why? you ask. Well, it was again all because of Erik. Brittany’s day was going to be one memorable one because of what Erik had written on the pink piece of paper he kept inside the brown bag. So what did he write?

What’s Going On?

It was his gift that announced him offering her a $500 in “spending cash!” This was just a tiny portion of what her husband had planned for her. Even though Brittany appreciated the money and was really glad about it, she still could not wrap her head around what her husband’s actual plans were. What was happening and what did this mean?