His YouTube Channel

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So for his YouTube channel. Erik would spend the majority of mornings documenting himself. He would then film the progress he made just, taking his viewers along on the journey where he created things for his friends, family, and clients. Erik loves his job very much and he enjoyed bringing along people on his quest for creating stuff.

Creating And Entertaining

Since his dedication and talent was so transparent on his channel, it was no surprise that Erik garnered quite a lot of YouTube followers over the course of a few years. His unique and creative creations were also the main attraction for the fans that flocked to his channel as it was entertaining and informative too. Erik truly enjoyed being handy and using his hands to create.

A Surprise

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Since his viewers were so used to seeing him get hands-on with his works, building, tearing things apart, constructing and attaching, Erik gave them something to be surprised about. Not one of his YouTube followers were ready to witness his most amazing creation to date. It was certainly something they were not used to seeing him do.

Not Enough Time

So like the caring and innovative husband and father, Erik was, he realized that he had been slacking off in terms of spending quality time with his family. Even though all that he did was for the sake of his family’s happiness, he was well aware that he had not actually spent time having fun with his wife and kids as he is supposed to.

For Dear Brittany

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His wife Brittany and he had been so caught up in their work trying to earn for their kids that they had somehow stopped paying attention to each other. He could not even remember that last time they did something special for each other. Then Erik came up with a brilliant idea when he decided to do something worthwhile for his dear wife.

Not Carpentry

Erik was a very talented carpenter and he knew he could easily build something for his wife to show her his appreciation. However, he as a very hands-on man wanting to try something different this time and not just rely on his obvious skills. He did not tell Brittany about his special plans and worked on delivering this to perfection for her.