Mikey Lythcott loves traveling and having said that it is important to run you through the number of countries he has explored. It is 54. Indonesia was going to be his 55th. He kickstarted his new adventurous trip to Indonesia in August with one of his friend named Stacey Eno. He had met her during a trip to Thailand. After arriving in Ubud a town in Bali, they rented a  scooter to enjoy the scenic sight the place had to offer. Little did they know they had undertaken the most unforgettable journey of their life. the pair had hardly gone very far when met with an accident. In a snap, they found themselves severely injured and lying inside a ravine. They had fallen into a dark ravine and they were too wounded to even make a move. Unfortunately, no one had seen them tumbling down in the ravine nor did they have enough strength to scream. Just when they had given up all the hope the help arrived from the most unexpected place.

Travel Lover

Mikey Lythcott loves to globe-trot. The 36-year-old man had already traveled half of the world. It may sound unbelievable but so far Mikey is done exploring 54 different countries. Not to mention the avid traveler has many followers on social media, thanks to the amazing pictures and videos he shared with them.