An Intriguing Discovery

This man was never aware of the fact that there was something major hidden right under his nose all along. He was clueless that he would ever find something worthwhile in a place he least expected. What he dug up was truly something rare and incredible, but the location where he found it was also noteworthy. So where did he find this buried treasure? This man actually found it buried in his own driveway!

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Unable To Ignore

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And when he found this treasure, he was not looking for it at all. He was just going about doing his daily routine but somehow got to dig up this amazing buried treasure. This was like any other weekend for this British guy. He was suddenly caught by a very bright sight. He could not shake this off and it got all of his attention. He knew it was something he could not ignore.

Sudden Change

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The British man who ended up digging the treasure was a guy called Simon Marks. He was 37 years old when this happened to him. He was just a regular guy who resided in Luton, which is a town in Bedfordshire, England. This incident took place in 2016. Simon Marks was holding a job as a computer support worker during the time he made this discovery.

On The Weekends

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Ans so just like other office workers, Simon had to go to work all week. Since he would be busy all week, he treasured the time he could spend with his family during the weekends. It was the only time he could spend with his friends too. He loved to unwind and release the stress the week would bring. He was about to do just this that very weekend morning until something weird took his attention…

A Homeowner’s Surprise

Simon Marks was not only a busy working man but a homeowner as well. This basically meant that he could have a pile of problems regarding his property at any time of the day. There was no certainty that his house would not be faced with issues. As we all know, houses need constant renovation and fixing. You never know when a broken gutter would need to be fixed next, or if a leaking roof needs patching up, or weeds to clear.

A Typical Sunday

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With all that being said, on this particular Saturday morning, there was no doubt that Simon Marks would have needed to fix something in his house. There could have been a ton of problems that needed attending regarding the house he owned. He was just minding his own business, doing what he would normally do on a Sunday, not realizing how significant this day was going to be.