Not every day is the same. Every day you wake up to something new and surprising. This is so true in the context of Adam Gonzalez who one day woke up to a nightmare. The man found himself in a strange house surrounded by strange people who called themselves his family. The man had never seen them in his life. Nothing was understandable for him. He had many questions on his mind first among them was that how did he end up in this strange house? He was struggling hard to get the answer when an unknown lady came to him and told him that she is his wife and from there his queering story begun meeting an unexpected end………

Inside A Strange House

Adam Gonzalez is a 42-year-old man who lives in Pheonix, Arizona. His life took a mysterious turn when one day he woke up in a strange house. The man had never seen this house before. No doubt, initially, he got frightened and tried to remember the last night. Did he drink too much last night? He could not even remember the last night. What was going on? Where was he?

All Alone

It was September of 2016 when the man found himself all alone in a strange house. There was no one around him who could help him knowing where exactly was he. He waited for someone to come and it is when a lady entered the room. She was a healthy woman. By looking at her appearance it appeared that this was her house. And she was coming directly to him.

The Lady

The woman was wearing casuals and looked comfortable with the surrounding. And her expression made him feel as if she knew him already. The man pressed on his memory and tried to recollect any memory related to her but nothing came out. He was sure that he did not know her. But the question was still there how he ended up in her house?

A Dream

For once, he even wondered if he was dreaming. He pinched himself and even rubbed his ears so that he could wake up from this dream if it happens to be one then. The lady walked up to him and wished him good morning with a sweet smile. Not only that but she also sat beside him and behaved as if they had known each other for ages. 

What Was Going On?

The things were getting puzzling minute by minute. The situation had made him tongue-tied. Adam kept staring at her face trying to recognize her but nothing came to his mind. And then he looked around the room to see if he recognizes anything of this place. But there was nothing he could remember about this room and this lady who was sitting right beside him.  

Who Was She?

The man could not take it any longer. He finally asked the woman her name and about the place he was in. And for some strange reason, his words triggered restlessness to the lady. But soon her worrisome expression changed into a big and hearty laugh. She asked him not to joke.