They say that true love is something that would never fade. We must have all heard about people saying that love is the most precious thing this anyone could ever find in this world. While these statements may just be words to some people, to some, it is a reality. We must have all experienced or met someone who fell in love for a few weeks or months. Some people’s love lasts even after life.

Brought To Tears

If you have ever come across any story about powerful love, you would get a sense that it must be somewhat like magic. And what could be the most amazing thing about love that makes people go crazy? Well, it must be the fact that it is not a fairy tale, that it is real for them. This guy’s wife passed away 60 years ago but later discovered what she left for him that reduced him to tears.

Too Heartbreaking

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In a world where there are so many who look for fun and thrill, romance and finding true love has become something truly rare. Many people do not even care to look for it and hence would not even get the chance to experience it. So you can already imagine how tragic it must be to lose your partner. There will never be enough time spent between two people who are truly in love.

Who Are They?

 So who is this couple that is experiencing something that most of us only get to see in movie screens? Well, their names are Jimmy and Billie Breland. The two of them were able to find love that was so pure and true at a very young age. And ever since meeting when they were young, the two felt an instant connection that even they were not aware would last for years to come…

Their Profession?

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What were these lovers doing as a profession you ask? Well, you see, Billie was a school teacher while Jimmy was a Baptist student minister who worked in the University of their hometown. This was the time they first met. Both of them did not even realize at that point that their love would withstand time and struggle. They did, however, fall fast and hard for one another.

Meeting Place

As the two were in their own space, they did not plan on falling for each other. In fact, it was love at first sight, for Billie and Jimmy. On the day that they met, the two of them felt an instant spark that proved that this was love. So where exactly did these two meet? Well, Billie and Jimmy actually found each other at a church they both attended.

Getting Hitched

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So as soon as the first meeting took place, Billie and Jimmy knew early on that they wanted to be romantically involved. The two then began to date for a little while until they made a mutual decision to tie the knot. They knew that they both had met the person they were supposed to be with forever, in one another. Time went but their love got stronger each day.