Another Companion

Yossi and Marcus were excited to join hands with this stranger. They both were thriving for adventure in life and what could be better than a gold hunt in the heavy, deep and dark forests of Amazon. The trio was ready to trek the jungles and soon they were joined by a photographer named Kevin Gale. He was an American who they came across while trekking in Bolivia. However, the unforeseen also packed its bags with this group.

Embarking On Adventure

The four new acquaintances didn’t waste another second and set off on their Amazonian quest for gold. Soon only they began feeling like the protagonists of a thrilling travel novel, the three young men followed the directions of the Austrian geologist Karl Ruprechter by plane and then by boat to the Amazon jungle. They make their first stoppage in a village where they were surrounded by horrifying warnings.

Jungle Of Horror

The village they stopped at was small, indigenous consisting of Asariamas in the remote outskirts of the Amazon. The place was dominated by the tribal community. They stopped there to re-stock their food and fuel supplies. The locals there warned the young men, they said that they were bound to encounter imminent danger along the way. Many people who often went there did not pave their way back to life. They were adamant that they should rethink their plans. Will the ever excited backpackers march back?

Head On

The warnings could not make any change in the plans of these highly excited travelers. Despite hearing various incidents of chaos and turmoil, the travelers moved towards the jungle. Soon only the harsh survival conditions began to cloud them. They ran on severe food shortages and even developed trench foot. Surviving the forest without food and fodder became tough. Next what? Did the men give up? Or did their plan of exploration of Amazon died with progressing starvation?

Another Plan

Youssi knew that he had to make it to the Amazon at any cost, even if the cost was starvation. Though soon only he realized that things won’t work like this for long and the men went back to the village to restock themselves. This time they bought double the last time. Arriving at the village, Karl gave the travelers another idea. He said that now they will sail down on a raft to a gold quarry called Curiplaya instead of trekking. Will this plan make up for the last attempt?

Amidst The Greens

The group could finally make it to the Amazon rainforests. They were getting thrilled day by day believing that they are getting close to the hidden gold treasure. One fine day suddenly, Karl Ruprechter the leading geologist said that they were headed straight for San Pedro Canyon which was a dangerous stretch of rapids, waterfalls, and boulders that wasn’t suitable for boating. Then only he for the first time told everyone that he did not know swimming either. The revelation came shocking to the fellow ears. Did he just betray and misguide the travelers?