The Amazon Rainforests

The flavor of the unexplored world is beyond amazing. Once you begin to travel, going back is not easy. Something similar happened with Yosseph. The trip to Africa was a thrilling one but it could only not satisfy his urge of living the life of his dreams. His ultimate dream was to explore the Amazon Rainforests. The biggest adventure one can take is to live the life they wish and Yosseph knew that the Amazon Forests were calling him now. Before embarking on this risky journey, he had to take some other risks in life.

Saving Up

Yosseph could not wait to dive in the adventure to Amazon. But to travel one needs a good amount of resource at hand. He completes his navy training and began working in different professions to make up enough money to suffice his dream. He worked at construction works in Norway, fishing in Alaska, and loading and unloading trucks in New York City just to make his dream a reality as early as he could.

Embarking Towards

After working for a year and a half, Yosseph could finally make enough money to finance his travel. He was in South America by now, which meant he was way too close to fulfilling his two dreams. First to meet the French author-his hero and another one on an expedition to Amazon. Unfortunately, one of his dreams could not be fulfilled. But giving up was something Yossi didn’t know.


Yossi had worked day and night for making it to Latin America as soon as possible, but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make it on time. It was 1981 and when he reached his inspiration, Henry, the author slept in peace. Though the desire to meet his favorite author could not be fulfilled, Yossi did not hold onto it for long. He was ready to travel to the Amazon Jungles to live his second dream. However, he did not know that this dream was too harsh to be lived.

Resourceful Globetrotter

Yosseph continued on his journey and hitchhiked his way from Venezuela to Colombia. On the way, he met a fellow backpacker Marcus Stamm, who was a teacher from Switzerland. The two shared the same passion for traveling and soon turned into good friends. They decided to travel together to La Paz, Bolivia and from there would head to the Amazon Jungles. They didn’t know what a life-changing encounter they would have at the Bolivian Capital.

The Stranger

After traveling for a week, the two new friends stepped into the beautiful canyon created like a city of La Paz, Bolivia. There they came across an Australian man who claims himself to be a geologist named Karl Ruprechter. He too was a young blood who was in hunt of a hidden gold treasure, buried deep in the heart of an ancient village of Bolivia’s remote Amazon jungle. It sounded like an expedition which Yossi always wanted to have in life. Will they be able to find that gold or would be it be something even more?