“Fill your life with adventures and not things. Have stories to tell and not the stuff to show.” This is what describes the upcoming generation the best. All they strive in life is for ADVENTURE! For once everyone wishes to taste the adventure in life and do something beyond there comfort zone. After all, if we were meant to have stayed in one place we would have roots and not feet. It’s important that we stretch our horizons and dive into this adventurous world.

Majority of us don’t really take an adventurous toll in our life, but this man opted for an escapade to the jungles of Amazon. His spree became a famous story not only for his thrilling journey but for something even he was not prepared for. Read in here to find out what that escapade was and did this man made to the end of it, did he survive the lush jungle to tell his story to the world?

Yossi Ghinsberg

Yossi Ghinsberg often abbreviated to Yosseph is an Israeli adventurer, based in Australia. He was 22 years old when his thrive for adventure overtook everything else in life. He was a firm believer of the fact that jobs fill your pocket but adventures fill your soul. Taking this as the driving force he embarked upon his grand journey. What he didn’t know was that this expedition would turn out to be his worst nightmare.

Early Life

Yosseph was born on April 25th, 1959, to a couple who survived the war which gradually meant their shift from Holocaust to Tel Aviv, Israel. Yossi was born and brought up in Tel Aviv, which is the world’s first all-Jewish city. Life at Tel Aviv was as usual yet the young Yosseph always felt like he’s missing out on something in life. He was sure he needs to add some spice to this monotonous life when he came across an equally exciting life of Henri Charrière.

Wandering Soul

Ghinsberg was born to travel. He never knew what it was to confine oneself in the four walls of a room. For him, life was nothing but a big adventure. While he was in school he had a keen interest in the geography of the world. Probably even he did not know that this interest will make him question his existence in life. And all he’ll do in the years to come would be traveling and exploring the unknown.

An Inspiration

Henri Charrière is a French Author whose autobiography titled Papillon inspired Yosseph to taste some adventure in life. The autobiography was said to be the “the greatest adventure story of all time”. It was a craze amongst the youngsters. It was a life summary of a man who gave a new meaning to wanderlust by escaping the imprisonment on the South American island of French Guiana.

A Desire

The French author’s autobiographical account seeped into the veins of Ghinsberg. He could completely relate himself to the author and took on a thrilling journey towards exploring the world.  One of Yosseph’s main goals during his travels was to find the author- Henri Charrière and seek his good luck. But what happens next was something he would have never even thought in his wildest dream.

Experiencing Africa

The very first trip which Yosseph made was a trip to Africa and Mexico. At that time he was working as a navy officer at The Red Sea, but he decided to travel to satisfy his thirst for traveling. The joy of traveling and the desire to discover were the most important things which compelled him to wander more. This trip shaped up his life in ways he possibly didn’t know it could.