Some people always find a way to help others in some way or the other. These small acts of kindness towards the needy people make them feel special because they don’t come across such people very often so it becomes memorable for them and helps them to have a new perspective. A similar incident happened when one day a hairstylist in Dallas helped a man living on his own for many years and ignored by the people with a small act of generosity which changed his life forever.

Hot Sunny Day

It was just another hot sunny day and everybody was running back and forth to work, some were dropping their kids to school or going to the office. Midst of all the chaos, there was a shabby man sitting on the side of the road. He was looking around and looking at the people who were so absorbed in themselves and didn’t care to look down.

The Old Man

The man looked as if he was in his early sixties, he somehow managed to sit on the half-broken bench beside the tree that had been there for countless years. It was the only place the old man used to feel a little safe about. He used to sit there for hours, his eyes were piggy and sunken into the depth of his skin. Time showed on his face and now his eyes had sunk in as a consequence.



When he understood the situation he immediately turned around to see who was it. A lady stood beside him, she was still in shock of what had happened while she was tightly holding him by his arms. Her other hand was on her mouth covering her shocked face. Whereas the old man stood there indifferent to the whole situation.

Calming Down

The crowd started to disperse after things came in control a bit, the police too came on the spot. Luckily no one had injured during the accident, which was a relief for the police and people around. As the things came to normal again the old man sighed heavily watching his only safe place “the bench” crushed into several pieces. The woman was still standing beside him watching him silently.