Gus Hutt used to go to Matata for fishing on a regular basis. This time he brought along his wife too. However, he had no idea that this one was going to be a very different experience for them. It was early morning, the man was fishing in the sea when he saw a floating doll. The doll seemed so real that he decided to pull it out of the water. He picked it up and kept it in his boat. The man drove the boat ahead for fishing when the doll made a strange noise. He looked back and everything changed.

Gus Hutt

A Mystery In The Water

Gus Hutt loved fishing. He would go out on one whenever he would get some free time. So who is his companion in these adventurous journeys? Well, it is his wife. This was not the first time they had come to the sea for fishing. They had been doing this for a long time. 


They had been planning this day out for a very long time. With time the man had become very busy. His wife would complain a lot about his busy schedule. So, he decided to take her out on fishing in a very lovely day. 


He asked his wife to cook something special that day. They were headed to Matata. The duo was going to spend the rest of the day fishing. Hutt had a knack for fishing. 

Happily Married

Hutt and his wife were married for a long time. The old couple was living a blissful life since then. They had gone on many expeditions before but this one was different in every aspect. They had no idea that their casual trip was going to take their breath away. 

Driving To Place

They hopped in their car and drove towards the vast sea. The man had kept all the necessary things inside his car, from a fishing hook to a spray for mosquitoes. They had everything with them. However, there was something in the future that they had not even imagined.     

Another Family

Time For A Trip

At the same beach, there was another family that had come to do away with all their stress. The family included a couple and an 18-month-baby. The woman named Jessica Whyte and her partner Josh had been planning this vacation for years. Jessica had not been to the beach for a long time. She missed the warmth of sand and coolness of the sea.