A man posted a video on YouTube with the motive of displaying the piece of art he had created. But, things turned drastically for him as he became the target of hate comments and negative reviews from some people after the video went viral. Though, he also had a lot of people coming for his support it could not stop his creation from becoming an apple of discord. Yeah, you might be brimming with curiosity to know what was in the video. Don’t worry read this article you will get a hold of the whole episode which stirred some much controversy. In the end, you will also have a tough decision to make on which side to choose between the supporters and the criticizers.

A New Type Of Art

It would not surprise me if you are left perplexed after watching this image trying to get a hold of what is happening in it. Well, don’t worry as I have the answer to all your questions. The hill you can see in the image is an anthill in which an artist is pouring molten metal. Yes, molten metal, you read it right. The people passing by the spot where this was happening thought of the artist as an insane man desperately trying to destroy the colony. But, who knew that the artist had an extremely unique and beautiful motive behind doing such an act. People realized this fact when they saw the man digging up the anthill after some time and were left astonished by the sheer sight. What had happened?

A Strange Video On YouTube

This strange event of someone pouring molten metal into an ant colony first surfaced in the media in the year 2003 when a video showing it got viral after it was uploaded to YouTube.The video provided the viewers a close look at the entire sequence with a special focus on the giant ant hill. But, it was not long after the video was uploaded and gained a popularity that things changed drastically both for the people who watched it and the artist who initiated this action.

Pouring In The Molten Aluminum

Let me give you an idea of the entire process from the starting that had gained the attention of a lot of people on social media. Firstly, the artist searches for a suitable ant hill then after finding it he moves forward towards his goal by pouring molten aluminum directly into the ant colony. One can easily notice the drastic changes that start to happen once the liquid seeps into the nest. As sparks start to fly along with steam rising from the surface of the hill through the sand. It is after this sighting that things began to become a little terrifying and creepy forcing you to seriously ponder on what the man is up to. But, what happens next is something that you surely won’t be expecting…

A Steaming Mystery

The image you see is of the exact state of the ant hill after the molten aluminum makes its way down to the base of it. The astonishing thing that the image is incapable of revealing is the constant movement of the mound making it seem like someone has put life into it. Along with the movement, the mound also starts to produce hissing sound and gargles continuously. Till then the molten liquid finds its final resting place inside the mound. The strange series of events ends with the hill moving for one last time with steam constantly rising above from its surface.

Digging Up Treasure 

The moment that the artist has been waiting for arrives after the ant colony finally gets cooled with the steam getting cleared previously prevailing on its surface. Noticing this, the artist jumps to the task of removing the layer of dirt on the top. After successfully doing this he grabs a plow and starts digging around the hill. This eventually leads the structure to collapse allowing the man to release the structure from the ground and pulling the nest filled with molten aluminum out of the cavity. Well, if you are forced to believe till now that this is the end they don’t, as it is just the beginning.

Cleaning Away The Dirt

After successfully pulling it out, the man uses a hose in order to completely clean the dirt surrounding the structure. The hose comes in handy for the man as the brisk jet of water makes sure that it is cleaned thoroughly inside out with no sign of even the slightest amount of dirt on it. What the artist is left with after this long and tedious process is simply amazing and totally unexpected. I guess after seeing this image you might have also started to get an idea of the final output the credit of which goes entirely to the artist.