Carl Sabatino was sitting next to his aunt, Jenny Verastro whose health was deteriorating with every passing moment. She was old, she was ill, and he was by her side all this time. He remembered all the memories he had of her throughout his life. Now he was watching her giving up on life slowly. Sadly, it was one of those moments where we feel completely helpless.

In those darkest of times, Jenny, his aunt tried to whisper something in his ears; a secret that’s been hiding in that very place since years. What Carl didn’t know was how this secret will take him on an unexpected journey that will change his life forever.

Favorite Aunt

Jenny Verastro has always been a fun loving lady and Carl’s favorite aunt. She loved children but she didn’t have her own kids. So, she used to babysit for her friends and family whenever they needed her help. This helped her to deal with her own emptiness. After her husband passed away, she was all alone, all by herself. She worked part-time and earned enough for a normal living. Looking at her nobody would have said that she was hiding a shocking truth from everyone who knew her.