Driving can bring us some mixed experiences. While it can be fun going on a ride with friends, traffic and rude drivers can easily spoil our day. The story is about a mechanic whose plans faced repeated obstacles from a neighbor’s car. When things went too far, the mechanic, known as AngryAussieGam3r on Reddit decided to give it back to his neighbor and what he did must have taught his dear friend a lesson. It might have caused a lot of problems for the neighbor but for us, it was utterly funny and amusing.


Our mechanic friend is a workaholic but also believes in taking a break. AngryAussie is not what his name suggests. He is a very cool guy happy in his life and a wonderful friend. He likes being on the road with his mates and that was he had great plans. 

Work All Day

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It was a long day at work. AngryAussie had been working tirelessly all day to make sure all his customers were served as expected. The work of a mechanic is, of course, tedious but he also enjoyed his work and that made it easy for him. He was also excited about how good the evening would be. 

The Night Out

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He with his mates had decided to have a night out of town on the roads and make it a memorable one. After finishing the day’s work when AngryAussie was back home getting ready for his friends, he saw something that instantly soured his mood and he had a frown on his face. 

Parking Blocked

As he got down to the garage to pull his car over, he saw that some strange car had blocked his parking in such an abrupt manner that it was impossible for him to roll his car. He was stunned by the irresponsible parking of the car’s owner but decided to wait for him to return and move his car. 

A Long Wait

It was a long wait. AngryAussie was now actually losing his cool. But there was no time to waste. The evening was still there waiting for him and his friends were too. When the owner of the wretched car did not turn up for some more time, he had no choice but to call his friend to pick him up. Did the evening go as he had expected?

Things Getting Worse

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For the next couple of weeks, AngryAussie’s car was frequently blocked by the rude car that had first shown that evening. He now found himself stuck in the garage so frequently that sometimes he also had to opt for other ways of conveyance.