The only way AngryAussie could contact the rude car owner was through written notes that he used to stick on the windscreen of the car. To which he did not get any reply. The notes did not change the perpetrator’s behavior. He couldn’t believe the extent to which he was being irritated by the other owner. 

Repeat Offender

Things were now turning worse. Every time AngryAussie had a plan waiting, the rude car was waiting for him as well. So many times had the car blocked his way that AngryAussie was now scared to go the parking lot. He knew his car would be blocked. 

Drunk Driver: The Theory

AngryAussie thought what anyone else would have thought. He guessed that the offender was a drunkard who forgot to remove his car from the parking every night he returned from the bar. But this was only a decent theory. He had no proof to identify the perpetrator. 

Calling Google For Help

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When he got no idea of getting rid of the car, AngryAussie turned towards the internet to see the ways people had got rid of bad parking examples. Now, he was a good man and did not want to take a rude step. He had to think of a different strategy. 

Getting Late

The main problem for him was that he never knew when to expect his car blocked. The blockage was making him late on an unpredictable basis. That is why he never got to confront him and address the issue. 

Not To Miss Obligation

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The tension was rising for AngryAussie because he had something planned with his friends which he could not afford to miss and before the day arrived he had to sort it out with the driver to make sure that he is not blocked on the day of the obligation.