A Family Man

Colin Steer resides in Plymouth, Devon with his family. He bought the house 24 years ago. The man has three children who were quite small at the time they bought the house in question. The duo started their new life with new hopes and expectation but little did they know that they had not bought a house but a labyrinth of mysteries.  

Finding Out

The man infused with curiosity decided to dig the mystery. He was excited and terrified both at the same time. What there was standing on? They had just discovered a hole, there was a lot to see and discover. They could not have imagined in their wildest dream where this hole actually led to. 

Smart Move?

The man had to descend into the hole to find out more about it. But stepping into the hole was a big risk as they had no idea about the depth of the hole. Besides, the chasm was all dark that increased its terrible look manifold. He immediately brought out a torch from the drawer and flashed it inside the hole. The sight made him perspire.

Stuffed Hole

The hole was stuffed. It was full of dirt. He wondered what could it be as he had never seen a thing like this before. Most importantly, how did this come beneath their sofa? He needed to dig it further to find out the whole truth. The man did not know how long was it going to take but he was adamant at finding out the truth. But it was going to take him 24 years to dig the hole. 


Though Collin was all excited to dig the hole, his wife made a strong objection to it. The lady asked him not to go ahead with his plans. She was afraid that they would fall into some kind of trouble and right now they were not in a condition to face any trouble.

A Bit

Nevertheless, he could not hold his tempt and decided to dig it a bit. ‘I dug down about one foot and saw that it was a well.” Their kids were small at that time. He remembers, “My wife just wanted me to cover it back up because we had three children running around at the time.” “I always wanted to dig it out to see if I could find a pot of gold at the bottom” he added.