Sasha Ilic was renovating his house as it needed to be repaired. Everything was going normally until he began renovating his bathroom. The walls of the bathroom were hiding something that transpired the time. Ilic knocked down the wall with the intention of remodeling it when he saw a letter buried in debris. The man had got his hand on a note full of predictions. First, he thought it to be a joke but when he opened the letter he realized it was not an ordinary thing. Many predictions stated in the letter were already true that has made an indelible mark in the shaping of today’s world. If only we knew about the letter beforehand. The letter had more in the store that was yet to happen. But the question is who wrote that letter and what were the predictions? Find out here…

 Common House

Sasha Ilic had no idea that his ordinary looking house was amazingly linked with some of the most remarkable events of the past. The house that was no different from other houses in surroundings had something very peculiar hidden inside its walls. 

The Old One

But yeah, the bungalow did differ from other houses in terms of its age. The building was built decades ago and now it needed renovation. Sasha lives in Rozelle, a Sydney suburb. It is a beautiful tourist place with many attractions. 

Remodeling House

It seemed that the house had not been remodeled even for once after it got built. There was an urgent need of renovation. Ilic decided to renovate each part of the house one by one. Little did he know that he was going to unearth a mystery that traced past, present, future both.  


The man did not expect to find anything more than some grout and grime. However, renovation of the house did prove an uphill task for him. He started off with the living area. The vast area had broken and scratched walls. And some of them even had stubborn stains on it. However, Ilic managed to give it a beautiful look.  

Turning To Bathroom

After working on each and every part of the house, Ilic took to the bathroom. The bathroom looked nothing special. In fact, it looked duller than the other parts of the house. The dull walls had blemishes and stains. Ilic knew that this part was going to take most of his time that’s why he had kept it for last. But little did he know, he was going to discover something that he had not imagined in his wildest dream.  

Tedious Procedure

In order to improve the space, he had to knock down the walls. Only after a few hits, the wall came down. In no time the room got filled with dirt. When the filth settled he saw something very strange lying under the dirt. He extended his hand to pick that up.