Have you ever come across a construction wonder (read blunder) and thought, “was the architect  stoned?” There are some architectural geniuses that make one awe at the human capability and then there are structures that make one facepalm at human stupidity. Get ready to facepalm every 10 seconds because we have compiled the best/worst architectural fails for you.

Uncomfortable Meeting Placeconstruction 12

How, just how could the architect think two men could do their business without umm… getting any of their business grazed by another man’s business? He was probably told to make the urinals tight spaced but just how tight is too tight? Either this was his idea of a practical prank or he has space issues. Either way, the contractor would not have been happy with this construction fail.

What The…construction fails

No, the problem will not be fixed even if the staircase is moved 1 feet towards the doors like it should have been in the first place. If it is, then how will the people get OUT of the door? Especially the ones living on the ground floor? On a second glance, these doors do not even have a handle on them so do they even open? And if these are not the actual entrances then what the hell is the use of that staircase anyway?

Up Above The World So Highconstruction 34

For a neighborhood full of giants of like 8-9 feet this would have been a perfect place for a phone station but for human species not really. I don’t even want to get into what the construction team was thinking, they probably meant the station to be so high but forgot to place stairs next to it. I want to know what this woman is planning to do. Why is she even trying? Does she think there is any way she could dial those numbers even if she managed to get the phone receiver down?

Dual Purposeconstruction 23

Why do we get doors built for restrooms? So that we can privately do our business. There seems to be ample space in the bathroom for a toilet but the architect thought that for some reason it would be a good idea to build one right next to the door, so close that the door is not able to close. The architect failed but the residents came up with a genius idea. They carved out the chunk so as the door could shut. A pervert can still peep in though.

Need For Airconstruction 15

I guess having a window that opens right on the railway track was not enough for the resident of this place. There was a balcony lacking because hey, how else do you get fresh air and be blown away. The only difference is that the person standing here will be blown away by a fast coming train and not the train. I hope that the tracks have not been in function for a long time, because if it is still in use, how did construction workers manage to complete this?!

Double Troubleconstruction 29

Apologies for having you go through so many toilet fails but one expects something so basic to be done right! But it is what get’s screwed up the most. a) if you have a toilet why do you need a urinal? b) even though there is a need for one, HOW DOES INSTALLING IT RIGHT ABOVE THE TOILET SERVE THE PURPOSE? Not only does it make sitting on the toilet a task but it also makes the entire arrangement dirty.