Compassion is something that we humans, being the ‘master’ race of this planet, lack. However, it is not difficult to learn lessons in compassion if you look at nature. This article dives deep into such an incident. A family of lions found an injured fox in their path and what they did will change the way you look at the ferocious beast.

The Injured Fox

A helpless fox was lying by a dirt path in the middle of the forest, injured, unable to walk. A hungry lioness approached the fox and was soon followed by her cubs with the male lion following them.

The Ferocious Lion Arrives

The alpha of the family, a full grown male lion, came to the scene while his cubs smelled the fox probably gauzing how much meat the little fox had on it. While all this was taking place, the lioness stood there and observed her cubs.

The Cubs Were Curious

The cubs, three of them to be precise, were naturally curious about the injured creature and why had their mother not killed it for food. They circled the fox and started jumping around it. The momma lion intervened and set the cubs away from the fox.

Motherly Instincts

As soon as the lioness saw her cubs make a move on the fox to kill and eat it, the lioness moved in. The fox should have been dead but it wasn’t. The lioness had curled herself around the fox to give it warmth and protection.

The Staring Contest

The lion was amused by this sudden inordinate behavior of the lioness and so he came forward for a closer look. The fox was squealing in pain, scared to death and unable to move. The lioness locked her eyes with the lion and the beast stopped his advances.

Peace Settles

The lion family settled on the dirt path and everything was peaceful. The injured fox was hiding in the custody of the motherly lioness while the lion sat and watched everything. The cubs were playing around but nobody threatened the little fox anymore.