Very rarely do we find people who are cheerful in reality. Most of the valuable and significant things in life are out of our control. Life becomes miserable when our loved ones leave us alone. While some people learn to deal with the pain and move on with their lives, others still go to sleep with the thought of their loved ones on their minds every night. Isn’t this strange how everyone lives while bearing the burden of their sad stories that remain hidden behind their faces?

This woman named Deedee Zgonis was living a life full of stress and like almost each one of us, she too never planned a life like that one. DeeDee made sure to smile in front of her friends and family, however, everyone knew her grief and how vulnerable she felt inside. This woman’s life changed with one terrible unforeseen incident; the loss of her husband.

She was struggling and everyone could feel it. So, one day, her life changed and when she was trying to be acquainted with this fight, a plot-twisting event awaited her.

Losing Her Husband

Deedee Zgonis, a resident of New Hampshire lived a happy life with her husband, Yianni. They owned a restaurant named Pizza Bella in their hometown, Bedford and from where they earned a living. The restaurant was opened in 1991 and became a popular place within a couple of years. Yianni was a professional and he earned good enough to bring up his family without any financial crisis.