A janitor was doing about his regular job when he felt as if he saw something. The man preferred doing the cleaning work at night as the school remained empty at that time. He was almost done with the cleaning of the school when someone knocked at the door. The sound really startled him as there was no one inside the school except for him. With a racing heart, he opened the door only to see a mysterious card box placed on stairs. There was also a message written on it for HIM.


The sun had set but the janitor was still working in the school. There was no one in the school except for him. No need to say the vast campus of the school did look spooky in the evening but the man was used to of such a sight.

Usual Time

The man had the task of cleaning the entire building. It was difficult to do so in the morning or afternoon as the premises remained full of students and staff. That’s why he used to do the cleaning work in the evening. It would take him at least 1 and a half hour to complete the work. 


The cold winds of December were swaying Detroit. Christmas was just a few days away and so the snow-covered surrounding was decorated with fairy lights. It seemed to be a chilly and beautiful evening. The janitor covered with many layers of cloth was busy cleaning the building not knowing he was not alone there. 

Special Part

The janitor had been working in the school for many years now. He had become an integral part of the school over the years. He loved being around kids and that is why he never even thought about leaving his job. The man was familiar with every nook and cranny of the building. However, that particular day he was going to see something in the school that would put him in disbelief. 


Schools are the primary source of education for the students. Not only it acquaints them with facts and events happening all around the world but also inculcates values and disciplines in them. The event that was going to transpire that evening was going to give an unexpected lesson to the world.  


This particular school was one of the most prestigious schools in the city. Parents would do their best to get their kids admitted in it. However, soon the entire city was going to hear an odd thing about this school.