What are backyards for? You sit on a cozy Sunday morning with a cup of tea in your hand and enjoy the weekend. You cherish the greenery around you in this hectic life of yours. Birds chirp and you enjoy the different kind of music they sing while you take a walk on the green grass enjoying the breeze.

But what if you suddenly find a crack on the ground that you are walking on, and see something hidden inside the fracture, that is nothing less than the rarest of things ever found?

When a farmer was picking up berries in his backyard, he found an out-of-the-ordinary treasure that changed the course of the history of the ice-age era.

The Lucky Man

John is a farmer and has been in the profession since is young days. He has a small and loving family with his wife and two teenage sons. John and his family live in a small home built with love in Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

A Hobby

Farming has not just been a profession or source of income for John. It has been more of a hobby since childhood. He loved going to the farms with his father and enjoyed picking up fresh fruits and vegetables after he had helped his father in sowing them. 

Loving Home

John and his family of four lived in a small house that they had decorated and designed by themselves. The house had a little living room which was soon going to have a treasured discovery added to its decor. But the discovery was going to be too big to be kept in a living room as well.


John was a lucky man to have a loving and caring family. Even though his boys were in their teenage years, they were connected to the family and each member of the family spent time with each other. It was during spending time with each other only that he and his sons found the treasure of a lifetime. 

Something Unusual

One day in 2010 when John and his two sons were picking berries in their backyard, the younger son came across something weird. He pointed out at something he thought was a ball in the creek but didn’t know it would turn out to be the biggest discovery of his life. 

The State Of Iowa

Iowa has given the world some of the greatest personalities like everyone’s favorite Ashton Kutcher, Elijah Wood, John Wayne, and so many others. But this time it was going to give the world something that the people of today would never have even thought of.