Numerous Discoveries

Iowa is also known for the great discoveries that have been made in the state. From a Sabretooth tiger to a 7000-year-old village, a lot has been discovered in the state. What was it going to be this time that was going to get discovered in the farmer’s backyard? 


When John and his family started digging to find out what was inside exactly, they got to know of how rare the discovery was, and it was surprising to see that there was much more to it than what just seemed like a ball in the creek. 

Abnormal Size

After digging layers upon layers, the family realized that they were going on the path of finding something huge, not just in value but also in size. It was larger than anything they could imagine of at the moment they were digging and it seemed abnormal to be precise. 

Precious Possession

The discovery was no doubt going to be the most prized possession for John and his family. It was six feet below the surface and it was something never seen before. But the question was what was it and when would John tell about it to the world? 

More Than One

After digging for long, the family realized that there was not just one thing under the surface. The moment they found the first hidden thing, they saw another of the kind under the surface as well. There were several discoveries that were visible to the family and so they decided to call in some expert. 

Never Imagined

John called in experts to help him and his sons in uncovering what was hidden inside because it did not seem like any average find and it was in large quantity as well. He was worried about not being able to uncover them all properly and he wanted them to be handled carefully.