Traditionally, a Thanksgiving dinner would most definitely include a mouth-watering meal complete with a scrumptious roast turkey, in all its golden glory. Brant Pinvidic is a Californian TV and movie producer that had a change of plan when it came to his Thanksgiving dinner menu. Pinvidic was about to go pick out the turkey for his dinner but ended up learning so much from the birds. In the end, Albert the Turkey went from a potential Thanksgiving dinner plan to become an Instagram star.

A Thanksgiving Turkey

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This story starts 2 weeks prior to the Thanksgiving in 2016. Brant Pinvidic’s contractor inquired if he would want a turkey for his Thanksgiving dinner. “My contractor knew a farm where they raise turkeys for slaughter and he asked if I wanted one for Thanksgiving,” Pinvidic said in an interview.

Picking A Turkey

Brant Pinvidic There is a tradition of multiple farms in America to let people come and pick any turkey they would want for their Thanksgiving dinner. A Thanksgiving dinner must include a turkey, right? Pinvidic wanted to go on his own and choose the gobbler he preferred.

The Life of Brant Pinvidic

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Pinvidic is a resident of California with his wife and kids. He works as a documentary film and television producer and holds the position of CEO at INvelop Entertainment. This man has produced a lot of hit shows. His shows include Extreme Weight Loss, Kitten Bowl, and Bar Rescue.

Not A Farm Boy

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Brian does a lot of pet-adopting in his free time. He has adopted cats, dogs and chickens. Although his house could pass as a small zoo full of rescue animals, it is important to know that neither he nor his wife has grown up in a farm. What was going through his mind when he went to pick his turkey?

Turkey Day

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Pinvidic has actually never seen Turkeys alive, in the flesh before. Since he had never encountered a turkey in his life, he did not have any knowledge of how they behaved or looked like in person. This was his first time choosing a turkey for his meal so he was not prepared at all.

Anxious Meeting

Picking a Thanksgiving TurkeySince Brant had never met one, he was now aware of how curious and intelligence the feathery turkeys can be. Pinvidic would soon get to know a lot more about these birds. He had never interacted with a turkey so he was a little nervous and anxious too.