Photographs capture a moment in our lives that may sometimes be of joyful events or the saddest times.These four sisters decided to take pictures holding the same positions for the next 40 years. The pictures came out exceptionally captivating each time.

The First Picture

It all began way back in 1975 when Nicholas Nixon was visiting his wife´s family coming up with the idea of clicking a picture of all of them together. The sisters, from left to right, Heather, Mimi, BeBe, and Laurie have lined up and posed for him every year ever since. The man must be applauded for documenting the lives of the sisters.

A Second Try

Taken in Hartford, the sisters looked lovely getting rid of the boy-clothes to don more feminine apparel. The picture turned out to be absolutely fantastic! If only the sister on the right, Laurie, could have grown her hair a little more.

Posing Again

Taken in Cambridge, Massachusetts, all the sisters look comfortable in their jeans, each, however, refusing to offer a smile for the camera. Were they fighting behind the scene? Mimi can be seen wearing a turtleneck which has come back in style today.

Still No Smile

4 The next year the girls posed at Harwich Port, Massachusetts in 1978. The photographer, Nixon, remained mum about any information on his subjects. He once said ¨The world is infinitely more interesting than any of my opinions about it.¨ The biggest question is why are they not flashing a smile.

Getting Together Again

The photo here was shot in Marblehead, Massachusetts. As they approach adulthood, the ladies look a little older now. However, there isn’t a single smile in sight still. The sisters can be seen looking directly at the camera as if to make contact, even if their gazes are guarded or restrained.

Showing Some Affection

The next location had to be East Greenwich, R.I. They look really affectionate in this one. It is quite rare for siblings to be so lovey-dovey these days. And, can they stop staring at the camera already? It makes us really conscious, right?