Apart from displaying their love and loyalty towards us, the list of images below will prove that dogs are capable of coming up with acts worth laughing relentlessly. You’ll never find a better pet than a dog in any aspect and these incidents are evidence of this statement. Brace yourself for witnessing something truly hilarious.

Party Pups

Silly PupsIt seems the two dogs are saying, “Party’s On Us”. They have been surely planning for it for quite some time which is evident from the sense of readiness on their faces. I would just say to beware of these two naughty ones, as they are surely going to cause some trouble.

Nothing Happened

Nothing HappenedWell, the dog’s complete conviction is right on the board, hanging around his neck. His honesty is commendable, but this does not mean that he can shy away from the mess he has created earlier. To be honest, the owner’s heart would surely have melted after seeing the cute and innocent look on the face of the dog.

Doggie Paddle

Look Ma Im SwimminJust look at the desperation in the dog’s face to become the fastest swimmer in the world. As the image suggests he is efficiently drinking water at short intervals helping him to revitalize his body and stay ahead. Let’s hope he has a wonderful professional career ahead as a swimmer.

Do I Look Good?

Stephen With A PhThis dog is surely in a big misconception that he looks pretty in the face which he is making right now. Otherwise, there would be no reason for him to give such a pose when his owner asked to strike one in front of the cameras. I guess he’ll understand this fact and not make such weird faces again..

Puppy Eyes

Look Deep Into My EyesThis puppy is fully aware of the fact that by making such an innocent and cute face he will escape the punishment from the owner for peeing over the antique rug. Seriously, the look in his eyes is enough to melt anyone’s heart regardless of the magnitude of anger one is in.

Hear Me Roar

Roar.It seems this dog was caught red-handed while he was doing some mischief, or it might be the case that he is pretending to look as fierce as a lion by trying to roar like one. Obviously, his inability to do something like that has left us with this hilarious image of the dog.