A Skyrocket Pilot

dads_gallery_9_2011_a_lMarried With Children was the first show that Fox aired on prime time. The first episode released on April 5th, 1987, and was an instant success. It was so popular that the channel aired it multiple times on the same night it was telecasted for the very first time. Dysfunctional Bundy was the character being evolved in it.

The Joke’s On Al Bundy

comment_huwsRyDyQZLByz7ade6NUB9yJ4GMPQfVA long span of 10 years of the show certainly leads to many jokes and laughs among the co-stars. The popular one being the different variations of calling the name of Al Bundy. Some would call it Al Birdy, AL Boondy, and Al Bumby. Until the end of the show, every character had a nickname attached to himself/herself. Christina never told offset what name she had given to Kelly’s brother.

Wigging Out

MKha7lPKelly had to put a blonde wig during the 10th season of the show as she had gone brown for a role she was playing simultaneously on a different show. The older sister of Bud and daughter of Al and Peggy was frequently made a joke of regarding her fake blonde color. It was common for the actors to go with altercations while working in many shows together, though.


pegalMarried… With Children is a show which was very popular at the time it ran. It is the longest running live-action show on the Fox network a record in itself. It was the year 1987-1997 in which it ran with a total of 259 episodes and 11 seasons. Amazingly, one can still watch the show as it is being rerun on Fox and TBS.

What’s A Vista Card?

101-i5bI guess it was to stay away from getting sued that the producers decided to display the Visa as Vista cards in Bundy’s shoe shop. But, yeah if one doesn’t pay much attention, it is very much possible that he’ll read it as Visa.

NSFW Reading Material

Big'unsThe character of Al was portrayed in such a way that many people would describe him as laidback and lazy as he used to always sit on his couch and do nothing but watch tv. A keen observation and a little memory will make you rethink it as he loved his adult magazines called  Big ‘Uns very much despite the fact that he was extremely conservative and could never stop thinking about Kelly.