This show which aired on Fox is the longest-lasting live-action sitcom. The characters of Al, Peggy, Kelly & Bud got immortalized in the hearts of the viewers. Amazingly, the last episode of this show was telecasted live 20 years ago, but one can just guess its popularity by the fact that it’s reruns can still be viewed. We know that there are a lot of die-hard fans of this show, but we still believe that the facts stated in this list are known to a select few. Take a look and see it for yourself…

$ 1 Million per episode

600full-married-with-children-screenshotThe reason for the season’s abrupt cancellation was the huge expense that the producers weren’t able to afford. This is more surprising considering the fact that the show was highly popular and successful. This goes on to show how expensive it is to make sitcoms. According to the records it cost the producers of the show $ 1 million per episode and the profit wasn’t scalable.

Sagal’s Little Trick

sofia-vergara-peggy-bundy-2Katey Sagal was so desperate to show the judges during her audition that she was the perfect one to play the character of Peggy Bundy, that after reading the script she came dressed to give the audition in a red wig which she thought would perfectly suit the character. As we all know how it worked and there was our red-headed Peggy Bundy. Christina Applegate was also one who did the same but in a little more unbelievable way. Wait and see…

The Original Bud & Kelly

CaptureIt was Hunter Carson who was originally chosen to play the role of Bud and Tina Caspary as Kelly. But seeing the lack of chemistry between the kids, the producers decided to change the cast before airing the show publicly. Eventually, they had to reshoot the episode ‘Pilot’ after which it was finally aired.   

New Al Bundy

kramerIt would be very interesting to know that the producers were initially thinking of casting Michael Richards for the role of Al Bundy. Yeah, you recognized it right, the same guy who played Cosmo Kramer in Seinfeld. But, eventually, they dropped the idea as his comic style didn’t suit the character. Hopefully, though.

Neighbors Or Frenemies?

013-married-with-children-theredlistA very popular rumor at that time was that O’Neill and Bearse were not on very good terms with each other. The reason being that O’Neill wasn’t happy with Bearse being a lesbian in reality. These two were playing the roles of neighbors in the show. Ironically, O’Neill played the role of the dad of a gay man in the show Modern Family.

Peggy Was Pregnant 3 Times

preggyFor Katey Sagal, the tenure of the show proved quite happening. The show ran for 10 years in between which, Katey got pregnant three times, with her last two pregnancies successful and the first was born 6 weeks early stillborn. It was a very troubled period for Al on the show when both Peggy and Marcy were pregnant at the same time. The producers and wardrobe people should be given a pat on the back to conceal the pregnancies so efficiently.