Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook. For some parents, personal experiences shape the decision making capability for their child. While for others, it is about their gut instinct.

Shannon Cooper is a health fanatic. And from the moment she held her daughter in her arms, she decided to never feed her any sugar or processed food. From a very young age, Shannon has kept her daughter on a strict diet, one which she follows herself. And it wasn’t until years later when her daughter grew up, Shannon discovered what the diet’s outcome turned out to be.

Shannon Cooper

Shannon Cooper is a dedicated health enthusiast. She has spent years studying different kinds of food. As a result, she has gained abundant knowledge about food that is healthy for us to incorporate into our diet and food that we should stay away from. She grew up in Australia and built her career in this field as a Health and Wellness Coach.

Firm Believer

It is said, “You are what you eat” but Shannon was a firm believer in “You are what, whatever you are eating, ate”. This simply means, if you are eating an animal, then whatever that animal ate affects your body. So by this logic, it is better to eat free-range eggs than caged eggs because free-range hens live healthier and produce more omega 3.

Nutrition Expert

Shannon was much more than a health enthusiast who became a wellness coach. She also had a degree in agricultural science. In that, she studied animal health, how plants are grown and their effect on human bodies. She believes that certain food can healthily fuel your body while others can poison it.


Shannon is also known for her lifestyle blog called “My Food Religion”. Her blog is mainly based upon putting the right food in our bodies, and how it can be beneficial in the long run. She also posts healthy recipes for people to follow and adapt to their lifestyles.

Paleolithic Diet

For several years, Shannon has been a follower of the Paleolithic diet also known as the Paleo diet. Paleo refers to a period on earth thousands of years ago. For this reason, a lot of the people also call it Caveman Diet. So as the name suggests, this diet only includes food that was available to the caveman during their time. So this diet only includes meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.


Back in 2010, Shannon had been dealing with some health issues for a while. That is the reason she decided to change her diet. She had several food allergies, which meant anything she would eat at a restaurant or any food bought from the store, would make her sick. She needed to find a way to remove processed food from her daily intake.