No Baby Food

While Shannon decided to feed her baby breastmilk, she was not going to make any other exceptions. Hence she made sure there are no boxes of baby food in her house. She was going to make homemade baby food for Grace. Even though baby food is not known to be harmful in any way, it does contain traces of preservatives and sugar.

Introducing Diet Food

Shannon slowly started introducing bits of the Paleo diet in the form of organic veggies and chicken to Grace while she was still breastfeeding. She believed it will make the transition to solid food easier for her. So far, the diet was going well. And Shannon was happy that Grace was only consuming healthy nutritious food without preservatives.

Make At Home

Shannon started making each of Grace’s meals at home herself. This way there were no preservatives, no sugar, no addition of processed material in it. By the time Grace was 13 months old, she was was used to eating meals rich in fruits and vegetables, and also meals like chia pudding and quinoa porridge. She has no idea what sugar or carbs taste like and would eat broccoli how most kids eat a chocolate treat.

Grace’s Diet

Once Grace had transitioned to solid food, her typical diet would include eggs and vegetables from the previous night for breakfast. For lunch, she would eat vegetables and roast chicken. And for dinner, spaghetti bolognese with noodles made out of zucchini. As far as snacks go, Grace would always go for a fruit instead of sugary cookies. In fact, for her birthday Shannon made a Paleo friendly strawberry panna cotta.

Sharing The Approach

Grace has always been very open about her lifestyle with her followers. In fact, the reason she has so many followers is because of her lifestyle choices. So when she decided to put Grace on the Paleo diet, she was open about that on her blog too. Incidentally, she got mixed responses from people.

The Response

There were many reasons why people were criticizing her for putting Grace on a diet. Paleo diet is aimed towards adults, not babies. After all, it lacks many important nutrients like grains and dairy which are important for babies as they grow up. People were concerned if Grace is getting the necessary nutrition as she grows or not.