The dark and less visited parking space of Chinook Centre Mall was the perfect skateboarding place for four boys. It was a routine, the boys would set out of their house after dinner towards the parking lot to skate. They would hang out there for at least an hour and then would head back home. That day also, as usual, they were playing in the dark parking lot and was preparing to return home when they saw an odd pair passing by them. The pair immediately caught their attention as they were giving away some very strange vibes. They decided to go back and check on the situation. What they saw there was going to stay in their memories forever.

Cheap Thrills!

Four teenage boys named Arnaud Nimenya, Carsyn Wright, James Hielema and Starlyn Rives-Perez were skateboarding in an underground parking lot of Chinook Centre Mall in Calgary, Alberta. This was the best pastime for these four friends. They had been hanging out here for a very long time. Every night after dinner they would take to this underground parking lot together to skateboard. The boys had been messing around for over an hour and when they thought of getting back home, they witnessed something strange!

A Perfect Place

This odd incident took place in Canada in April 2015. The parking lot of Chinook Centre Mall usually remains empty at night. That is why the place had become favorite playing spot for the boys. Additionally, the lot had a vast space that made it a perfect place to skateboard. It was 11.15 pm…


On the night in question, the boys were skateboarding as usual when a strange pair passed by them. They saw a man and a woman walking in pair. Well, what they could not get their head around was that whereas the man seemed well dressed and elderly, the woman was wearing shabby clothes. And then a strange thing took place…

Weird Situation

It appeared the woman was barely in her senses. The man who looked much older than the girl had taken all charge of her. The boys assumed him to be her father. But still, they felt as if something was not right as the actions of the girl were sending some other signs.


Who Was She?

The girl was wearing very casual clothes. It appeared as if she had not changed them for years. It seemed that the girl had been living outside for a long time. Perhaps, the girl had run away from her family and was now finally found by her father. Maybe, she was upset with her family and did not want to return.