Growing old comes with its own difficulties. Well, we can’t understand their struggle until we get to their same age. Elderly people are always assumed as an easy target to exploit. These Men find them as an easy target. Winnifred Peel, a 77-year-old lady fell in the hands of one such group of people who stood around her with bad intentions. The old lady did her best to save herself but what do you think?

Easy Target

Starting with the phone call scams to a salesman knocking at the door, everyone thinks of old people as a soft target. These people without ethics and no morals will never understand how difficult their selfish acts can make someone’s life. With age comes a slow pace in our lives, an age when people want to live a little and relax a little. But what was about to take place will be dragging Winnifred’s easy going life to the midst of the storm.