Animals, whether domestic or wild, have been setting significant examples of their getting along with the modernity for quite a long time now, inspiring even the mankind. Afterall, cat and dog become friends, goat and sheep love each other and don’t forget our favorites the Chick and the Duck were best companions in Friends; among the animals at least! Whenever we are losing all hopes for humanity, there pops up tremendous examples that instantly restore our faith in the words of Mr. Tolkien, author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, “There’s something good in this world and it’s worth fighting for.”

A combo of intense and meaningful relationships that we are about to tell you today portrays the value of life and importance of friendship, love, and care. We’ve come across with a list of the most unsettling friendships that are sure to make you look twice before you believe it. You are about to come across the most out of the league friendship stories for sure!!

Famous Elephant

Bubbles , a 46-year-old elephant, who was saved in 1984 now lives within the T.I.G.E.R.S. Preserve premises, near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The poor baby was left orphan after her herd was killed for their tusks, she was fortunate enough as she was one of the countable baby elephants who were flown to the United States while most of them were soon to be slaughtered and rest starved to death.

Over the decades the sanctuary has always felt blessed to have such an adorable girl to be a part of their family, where more than 100 other wild animals live. She sure is a popular one among her family, winning the award of World’s “Biggest” Movie Star in her name! Well, she worked with Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura, Janet Jackson’s music video and have been in for some photo shoots for magazines and ads as well. We must say, that’s a lot of fame for an elephant! We’re yet to introduce you to Bubbles’ best friend. You should keep no doubts as unique as this pretty elephant is, her bestie is no different and is her partner in crime!


While elephants are the biggest mammal on our planet, Labradors are awarded as the most friendly dogs’ breed. One is a wild species, living in the woods while other is known as a family pet and a superb watchdog. But we can rightly say, ‘everyone needs some doggy sometime.’ Now if you are wondering how the two were introduced, that too has an interesting story behind it. While you are aware of Bubbles’ story, her best friend has a whole different story and how Bella, the Labrador ended up in that sanctuary next to her buddy.

First Time They Met

Bella came in the Preserve with her owner who was the in charge of constructing a water pool for Bubbles. Once the construction was completed he abandoned Bella there itself. But the poor little pup’s story ended happily the moment she was first introduced with Bubbles (as pictured). They both seem to go against all the odds and stay in each others company due to one big similarity. No, that’s not four legs and a tail! Want to know what else could be similar to two completely different animal species?


While elephants are famous to spend as much time possible in the water, not all the dogs like water that much. But Bella and Bubbles love to swim and play in the water. Bella loves to dive from  Bubbles back or head most of the times and they both spend ample amount of time in the same pool that was built by Bella’s owner. We’re glad that Bella found Bubbles and both are not just used to take baths together, there’s even more fun in their story!

Bubbles And Bella

Just like other animals, after taking baths they both love to take naps for a while and here comes the interesting part, they both sleep together! While we understand it’s hard for anyone to believe that a 9000 pounds elephant sleeps with a lab dog, Bella and Bubbles have their own understanding about everything and same goes for their naptime. Bella loves to chase Bubbles when she takes anyone for a short ride on her back. They both indeed are happy to find each other and so are we. And you’ll find the second story even weirder!

The Talking Gorilla

Here’s the reason why it could sound completely unrealistic to you, it’s not the kind of friendship that you share with your school/college friends but more of the one you share with your pet.

Hanabiko, famous with her nickname, Koko, a 48-year-old female western lowland gorilla who is known for learning more than 2000 hand signs as claimed by Francine Patterson, her instructor, and psychologist. Koko was lent to Francine for her doctoral research but the two have never been apart. Koko was born in a San Fransisco Zoo on July 4th, 1971, and has been living in Woodside, California for most of her life. She has been famous for her sign techniques as you can see her with the late actor Robin Williams, reportedly she was even sad when she was informed of his death in 2014. She grabbed everyone’s attention when she requested for a Christmas gift of her own choice! And that was a shock for everyone!